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Phycolinc Technologies

The company is engaged in the field of waste water treatment using very innovative technology – Phycoremediation with Micro Algae – developed by Dr. V Siva Subramanian who have about 35 years of experience in Micro Algae based Phycoremediation. The treatment of complex effluents has been undertaken to reduce the operating cost up to 90% with desired output. The technology is biological, Innovative, low operating cost, robust & green. Advantages of Phycoremediation are – Better reduction in COD, BOD, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Phosphates and heavy metals (Chromium, Arsenic, Nickel) compared to other conventional system, removes bad odor completely, Automatic pH Correction without addition of any chemical, does not allow Blue Green Algae, water hyacinth and duckweed to grow and dominate, removal of E coli and Total Coliform Carbon Negative Green Technology.


PlasJuvant, an innovative device for non-thermal gas plasma generation in an ambient air supplies novel plasma chemistry of reactive species as similar to our immune system, at the site of microbial infections. Specifically, a short exposure of PlasJuvant improves susceptibility of systemic, oral or locally applied antibiotics to fight against AMR microorganisms. Upon application of PlasJuvant, the existing classes of antibiotics can synergistically eradicate drug resistant microorganisms without relapse and with no chances of acquiring resistance. The rechargeable LiPO batteries supplies dc voltage to custom circuit for amplification of power to generate gas discharge via an innovative patentable antenna for reactive species supply. PlasJuvant has a unique feature of facilitating user with replaceable antenna for high reproducibility of reactive species supply for better quality control. PlasJuvant is a non invasive, touchable, safe, hand held, user friendly, pain free, quick in use, cost-effective and environmental friendly. It is worth noting that non-thermal plasma configured in gastrointestinal endoscopes has been FDA approved for blood coagulation, and this offers a clear pathway towards 510(k) clearance for PlasJuvant for potentiating antibiotics via supplying optimal concentration of reactive species at the site of infection non-invasively.

Localwell Healthtech Pvt. Ltd.

A Cloud-based SaaS for Pharma Supply Chain Industry to root out Inventory-cum-Order Management related inefficiencies often leading to untimely stock-outs, prolonged delivery delays, resource wastage, etc; translating into higher Healthcare costs where Patient ends up being the ultimate loser. This coupled with generation of Field-level Actionable Insights for effective Policymaking, Accurate Production- Distribution planning, R&D etc to improve resource productivity. Unique Inventory-led E-Pharmacy Marketplace Model with hyperlocal fulfillment from Licensed Offline Pharmacies rather than Centrally-located Warehouse to achieve Fastest-possible delivery.

Keepsake Automation

This start up is in welding robotics. They have been successful in roping in industrial giants like L & T as their client. They have also got an order from L D College of Engineering Ahmedabad for their newly coming Centre of Excellence in Welding. Keepsake is presently equipped with Six axis articulated arm robot to operate our Plasma transferred arc pulsed 350-amp power source, High velocity oxy-fuel systems, Arc spray systems and flame spray guns. We also have manipulators for down hand welding capability. Keepsake aim to employ this unique technology for life enhancement of wear prone parts belonging to various industries.

OmniBRx Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd

OmniBRx Biotechnologies is Bioprocess engineering company. They have developed a novel bioreactor technology (bio-manufacturing platform) for large-scale biologics/vaccines production & for stem-cell therapy use. Their Our product, the CellBRx single-use bioreactors are the world’s first bioprocessing devices that offers 10X process Scalability, 6X production efficiency and up to 90% cost reduction during bio-manufacturing processing. CellBRx-Compass bioreactors are the worlds-first bioreactors to grow and recover stem-cells efficiently in high cell density and in low volume with full automation (no manual interventions for cell growth and recovery).

D’bello – Hidaa Lifesciences

Hidaa has introduced High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder, an organic supplement ingredient that provides a vegetable source of vitamin D2 in the form of a 100% whole food mushroom powder. Many vitamin D supplements contain vitamin D3, which is sourced from lanolin, or sheep’s wool, and therefore are not suitable for those who live a vegan lifestyle. Edible fungi such as Agaricus bisporus, or the popular white button mushroom, are abundant in vitamin D. High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder provides vitamin D2 as well as viable levels of riboflavin, niacin, copper, beta-glucans, chitan-glucan, and is an excellent source of the antioxidant ergothioneine

Integrex – Technik Spirits Inc

Medical Air Systems are the nosiest system in a hospital and are a great nuisance. Also, they are the second most energy-intensive equipment after HVAC system in a hospital. They require a huge space for installation as well. There was a dire need for a solution which is silent, consumes less electricity and requires less electricity, and that’s how the product idea incepted. Traditional systems have two big compressors; one operational and another for redundancy. Each is designed to take care of 100% demand. Integrex integrate some small compressors to take care of the same demand. The controller operates only as many modules as required to take care of a partial demand. For redundancy, you can just add a small compressor for an event of failure. Through this modular approach, even if multiple modules fail in a system, the system would still be operational. The major benefit of modularity is scalability which is of immense value to hospitals coming up in stages. Besides, everything is integrated into a unified structure; it comes pre-assembled from the factory and is ready to operate as soon as it reached the site.

Charge+Zone: Electric Vehicle Charging

TecSo Charge Zone (P) Ltd., a full-service EV Charging Company aims to deliver reliable charging service for electric vehicles both BEVs and PHEVs. Starting 2018, a new start-up venture of TecSo Global group has introduced an eco-friendly business model as an initiative to go towards an Electric Mobility with indigenous research and development efforts. CHARGE+ZONE, it is a mobile-based App-driven platform that integrates Charging Management Solution with Charge Point Operate (CPO) that helps the EV owners for truly embrace smart e-mobility.

NDEAR Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

NDEAR Technologies Pvt. Ltd. a company incorporated under the companies act,  2013 and is known for its product Dezire Money, which deals in Prepaid Mobile & DTH Recharge, Utility Bill Payments, Domestic Money Remittance, AePS, Payment Gateway Aggregation and much more. Driving through the vision of taking rural India closer to financial inclusion and Digital India, the aim is to reach the untapped market with most sleek and efficient product. We are garnering our business through channel partners and distribution networks and through our team and efficient services we have managed to spread across India.

NEERx Technolabs Pvt. Ltd.

Focusing on soil sensing, NeerX designed low-cost sensors that are used by ISRO. They worked with ISRO to jointly develop the technology for these sensors, which they have named as “SHOOL” (Smart Sensor for Hydrology and Land Application). SHOOL simultaneously measures parameters such as complex dielectric permittivity, electrical conductivity, moisture, salinity and temperature when inserted in a medium (soil or IoT-enabled station). Low power consumption and proven accuracy of the device makes it idealistic for monitoring and automation. Wirelessly brought to Mobile, Laptop and Web, the device can be used for data acquisition, processing, visualization and dissemination.

Senscilen Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

Senscilen’s vision is to provide intellectual learning experience. Senscilen creates world class 3D interactive educational content of Science and Mathematics for K12 education Senscilen also keen to implement latest technologies like Augmented reality(AR), Virtual reality(VR) etc. A dedicated workforce of more than 10 people is currently developing our 3D educational content. But what makes this workforce truly applaud worthy is the fact that more than fifty per cent of its employees are differently-abled.

Homebrew Automation Solution

Startup is developing highly automated pneumatic tubing system (PTS). It is an internal logistics system for various industries like pharmaceuticals, manufacturing units, hospitals and blood banks.
Pneumatic tubing system is extremely useful in hospitals to transfer blood samples and medicines from collection point to laboratory. PTS will automate the whole logistic system and makes it more efficient and highly available. It also provides smart and secure logistic system for supermarket, casinos and large manufacturing units. In the smart cities it can facilitate garbage collection chain. Apart from this pneumatic tubing system can be integrated with kiosk to deliver products at remote location. The system complies the most aspects of industry 4.0. It has seamless and localized user interface. Communication between different components is done using WLAN/LAN, which is faster than traditional communication channel. Lean and independent software system leads to accurate operation. System has decentralized power system which reduces the delivery time.

HybRed Energy Solution

Two degree (20) – The proposed innovation is to develop small renewable energy based food cafes which can run on renewable energy (solar and biomass energy) for its day to day operation. For around 8-9 months, it will run on renewable energy and for the remaining 3-4 months, it will run on conventional backup.

The concept is that the café will run on solar thermal, solar photovoltaic and biomass energy for cooking.

  • Solar thermal based evacuated tubes would be used for making tea, coffee and soups.
  • Solar oven would be used to keep the food warm.
  • Solar non imaging collector based hot plate would be developed on which egg items can be easily made.
  • Solar baking would be done where cakes, brownies and cookies would be prepared.
  • Solar parabolic concentrator dish would be used for boiling rice, vegetables and pastas.
  • Smokeless biomass cook stoves would be used for frying purposes and can also be used when sun is not available. It uses waste wooden pellets as a fuel which is considered one of the most eco-friendly fuel sources.
  • A small biogas plant would also be installed where all the organic waste of the café would be treated and the gas can be used for cooking.

KYS Scientific Pvt. Ltd.

KYS Scientific Pvt LTD is established after a long research in the field of science education. KYS is a Manufacturer of scientific toys and equipments which are economic and very much usefull for students. Their specialisation is in manufacturing of different types of Telescope and even unique designed Planetarium which used in astronomy. Their well known workshop named ” ASTROMELA ” is most popular in schools and colleges. KYS work is also appreciated by the scientists of well-known government organization like ISRO & PRL.

The main aim of KYS is to make the telescope light weight , which can be  move from one place to another easily. For that they make an alt-azimuth mount which offers a high level of precision when aiming and targeting celestial bodies even in the reflector telescopes. They have designed own technique to manufacture Parabolic Reflector Mirrors of different size with highly precise resolution of assured quality. First model name is KYS 3.0”. This is a reflector telescope which is there for all ameture astronomers. Here KYS stands for “ Know Your Sky “ .

New model name is KYS 6.3”which is a DOBOSONIAN type Telescope.

Hashi Care


HASHI CARE, through its digital platform is committed to provide quality healthcare services. Our network consists of Physicians, Surgeons, Dentists, Physiotherapists including specialists as well as super specialists from various fields determined to deliver high quality services. Our network also comprise of nurses, paramedical staff and trained attendants with profound skills to provide the best possible care at your doorstep. We at HASHI CARE assist healthcare providers to augment their scope of facilities by making themselves easily accessible to those in need. At HASHI CARE, we provide flexible caring solutions so that your loved ones are cared optimally. Our team of trustworthy health care professionals ensures continuity as well as coordination of care through an organized system.


A brand meant to enhance the learning skills of kids by means of toys.

ARkidzoo is a brand that offers an interactive fun based learning products. It merges learning elements with that of technology popularly known as Augmented Reality to make learning entertaining and thereby to generate curiosity and interest among children. Kids love ARKidzoo because of their sound effects,  highly interactive, fun learning element in them, can be experienced in live as well as in the virtual environment and 3D Animation in them.

Mouldies Infotech LLP

Best in class digital decoration dies & punches for TILE making.

World’s leading Digital Decoration Dies & Punches makers and top class manufacturers of high quality ceramic wall, floor & vitrified tiles meet here. Yes, this is, the place where you can discover the best quality and attractive deals on Dies & Punches. This is a web and mobile application sitting comfortably on your desktop or handily on your Smartphone. It is loaded with enormous information and opens out a world of options.

From locating the number of vendors and suppliers, you will achieve the closing in a matter of minutes no spending on phones, struggling with odd timings and tackling strange languages. Simple Operation, Maximum Information. It is so straightforward and works like this. Open the app. Enter your specs and will search the data for you instantly & suggest the best options in different price ranges. In fact, you don’t have bother about entering specs. Just upload the design you plan to produce, the app will search the right supplier and give you a load of actionable information. It is click-click-click go. Go ahead. Install now from Play store or app store or a web application from our website. Provide a few details and register. You are ready to find the suppliers, vendors, manufacturers of dies and punches from around the globe.

Reve Automation

REVE Automation LLP is a products based company focused on ‘solution offering’ firm with extensive experience in providing state of art Electronic Design, Firmware, & WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) on IoT (Internet of Things) domain. We are specialist in customised solutions for enterprises. Whether it’s a sensor for Home Automation or the Plasma Research Lab, Reve delivers personal attention, engineering expertise, and technical support to reduce development risks, improve the understanding of design issues, and quickly identify the right solutions.

Tantra Organic Cosmetics

Tantra offers cosmetic products using organically farmed ingredients, without GMD. Plus getting certified it under NPOP (National Program for Organic Production) – 90%, NOP  (National Organic Program) part of USDA agriculture Mktg service, JAIVIK (FSSAI Launches Jaivik Bharat Logo, A Green Tick, To Identify Organic Products), USDA  ( (United States Department of Agriculture) – 95% guidelines makes it further more authenticated. Pesticide free products so no side effects and no long term damage to skin. – Carway Motors LLP is an innovative solution to provide quality refurbished automobile spare parts to customers at a fraction of cost of new parts. The startup delivers the part at a customer’s doorsteps and also reduces waste generated by discarded spare parts. The startup sources scrap dealers and conducts QC and performance testing on actual vehicles. It also provides replacement warranty for the inconvenience of the customers.

 Neerain – Vardhman Environment

Neerain – Raintap is simple, scientific and sensible rooftop rainwater harvesting filter which is compact, user friendly and requires negligible maintenance. These are flexible, truly modular and scalable for any size of roof.

Advantages :

  • Simple and Scientific design
  • No electricity required
  • No Maintenance required; Cleaning is simple
  • Impurities are removed by opening flush valve
  • Compact and user friendly design
  • Fully enclosed
  • Safety valves
  • wall mounted & online system
  • 360 Degree flexible ‘T’ for ease of installation
  • SS 304 Filter Element
  • Filtration up to 130 microns
  • Consistent even in variation of rainfall intensity
  • No water loss

SailOn Logistics

Search and book freight rates for your shipments on the spot round the clock.

In order to simplify for our clients and deliver a seamless end to end digital user experience. We have combined Supply Chain, Shipping – cargo services and Frieght forwading into one single platform. We have developed an unrivaled shipping expertise offering our clients a range of services together which connects you to key markets across the globe on the spot. So just search, book and sail. SailOn make’s shipping that simpler.

Schemopedia is a technology enabled initiative to reduce the information asymmetry between government and citizens there by creating demand for government schemes and benefits. This will also help the government authorities by creating an additional medium to reach out to the masses and improve resource utilization. Karma Online Ventures has developed in-house web platform by using Code Igniter framework and an Android based Mobile App. In addition, the company has developed elastic search for driving the text search engine on web platform. Furthermore, for filter based user search, they have parameterized the entire schemes & database enabling need based search. Schemopedia aggregate the information about various government schemes from numerous sources. The Company has summarized two basic components of typical schemes i.e. Eligibility and nature of benefit into about 35-40 parameters which cover about 93% of all instances of schemes. This allows user high degree of maneuvering to give a high end guided search experience.

Incsmart Technologies

The Company is solving problem of energy management by providing controlling and monitoring of appliance through IOT based devices for the people who suffer the energy loss. It manufactures I-Power monitor and controlling devices and Energy Meters and other embedded solutions for Local, Industrial and Commercial customers. They are providing solutions to Solar projects hostels, schools and colleges, local residential, apartments, hospitals, government and privet offices, industrial energy monitoring and controlling.


Naapbooks is a cloud based customize accounting application that provides automated process of accounting which gives accurate and secure accounting records. Innovative add‐ons such as Add Your Advisor, Click‐based User Role Assignment, Integrated Banking Feeds, Billing and Order Automation, POS Integration, Payment Reminders, Payment gateway Integration. The company has ensured that this SaaS based application is as easy to use for not just trained accountants but for anyone who knows basic data entry. NAAPBOOKS can be made available for both offline and online users and have ensured 3 layers of security to avoid any breach.

Bits & Board Technologies

BITS & BOARD TECHNOLOGIES (BBT) is a young & registered venture by Experienced Researchers and Industry Personals as well as recognized startup by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Gov. of India. BBT proffers technology solutions and services along with the exceptional business values. Following a common practice of craving to do things differently along with their technical sector strengths, innovative approach and uncompromised quality; makes them a preferred choice for all technological needs.
BBT supports enterprises, technology providers & startups build products in the domains of Consumer Devices Electronics, Industrial Automation, Sensor Networking, Health care, IoT, Electronics R&D, Electronics product realization, Security, Surveillance, Education & annual system maintenance sectors. BBT is working on delivering products that meets once performance without any compromises. Aimed to offer customized product solutions and services along with cutting edge technologies. They deliver optimized solutions and services right from conceptualization to prototyping through production life cycle.
BBT is a bootstrapped venture growing in the domain of Embedded & Automation systems design and development. Achieved their 1st milestone by getting recognition of Startup from Department of Policy & Promotions, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India for its innovative concept Auto Power Pro, which is basically an Energy monitoring & conservative device. 

LHP Nano Technologies

The startup is in process of producing graphene, a single atom thick layer which is 300 times stronger than steel, 10times more electrically as well as thermally conductive than copper and silver. Ii is the lightest material on the earth. They are manufacturing graphene, graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene oxide at industrial scale. The current applications that they are working on is Membranes for water purification, graphene fibers for smart textiles and Graphene inks and pastes. The pilot scale production unit has been installed and is in working condition. Number of samples has been synthesized for different application. Samples for Conductive inks has got some fine results which is under process for commercialization. Moreover, other samples show great potentials for Energy storage as well as water purification.

My Montessori

My Montessori have integrated technology to replace physical interaction and visit to the preschool and activity centres with our simple and easy to use search portal. The portal not only helps parents search preschools according to a particular locality but it also helps them match the preschool according to child’s psychology and that too digitally. They began with 4000 plus sessions on the website in the first month of its launch and have crossed the mark of 20,000 within a short span of 3 months of inception without any paid promotion. They have successfully handled various branding events with preschools and child activity centres to generate revenues for the organization, preschools and activity centres thus creating a win win situation for all. They initiated the journey with 5 to 7 preschools registered on our portal which now crossed 150+.

Callacuppa ! – K2K Ventures

The vision for Call-a-Cuppa is to make this chat-over- chai concept a movement. With the perfect temperature to the right flavor, this tea will be delivered to your door step. With distinct flavors and complete hygiene standards maintained this tea will set a new trend. Call-a-Cuppa is planned to the ‘T’ from its dispensing mechanism to its audience; this mobile beverage system (MBS) will take the city by storm. From the local chaiwalla to the corporate offices this mobile tea will be made available to all. The entire outline & plan with the best in technology Call-a-Cuppa will be your own little Tea Party every day.

Clyng Realtech

Clyng is a platform that aggregates multiple specialized commercial real estate spaces to fulfill short term requirements for a vibrant community of freelancers, start-ups and corporates on our network. Clyng aims to capitalize on existing infrastructure of specialized real estate and be a curator that connects renters and space providers.

Clyng aims to have an active, creative and sustainable community of mobile workers, consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, working in a shared environment for the purposes of collaboration, innovation and productivity for themselves to aide growth.


Moments  provides a perfect wedding social platform for sharing your journey of togetherness with beautiful snippets in a Memory Lane and pampering yourself with the compliments and wishes of your beloved guests in a compiled Toastbook. The app adds an extra flavor to your amazing wedding by adding a digital touch.

Fitlicks Nutritions

FitLicks is producing an innovative functional food products that are free from obesity boosting ingredients like sugars, unhealthy fats and much more. This products are ready to eat products that can be easily fit into changing lifestyle and food habits of Indians and serve all required macro and micro nutrients that can complete the nutrition requirement of any individual to stay healthy and live longer.


This start up is the product in the offing is a “RAW FOOD DETOXIFIER” that can detoxify raw food articles contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers & other artificial enhancing agents. The device harnesses the combined energies of ultrasonic waves, ultra violet waves, current pulse & ozone which are beamed in a pre-determined & pre-calculated manner with specific frequency, wavelength & intensity to achieve effective detoxification & decontamination of raw food articles. The device eliminates undesirable toxins & contaminants from surface, sub-surface & permeable surface of raw edibles used for human or animal consumption. It provides an efficient, reliable and commercially viable decontamination & detoxification system without altering nutritional value, flavor, texture and color.  This technology has not yet entered the market even in developed nations. Once successful, Gujarat can claim credit for “developing” (and not just licensed manufacturing) a novel world class technology through “indigenous R& D” that can have positive impact on the health of billions of people.

Green Carbon Envirotech

This incubatee provides Decentralized Sewage Treatment Plant- waste water management system.
-It works from no load to peak load.
-Sludge handling required once in 3 years.
-There is no footprint as of underground system. Garden or Parking can be      done over the system.
-Less area as well as depth is required for plant, so less civil work is needed.
-There is no skilled supervision required. Normally gardener or watchman can   take care of the system.
-It consumes about 50% less electricity.
-There is no temperature fluctuation and no fungal growth. Hence efficiency of   BOD removal will be consistent throughout the year.
-There is low yearly maintain ace cost.
-Aesthetic appearance is very good. There is no nuisance of foul smell and flies as of underground.