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New Era Organic International Standard Lingerie: Today everyone wants to live with organically prepared items, to avoid getting in contact with any harmful chemicals. Eating organic food alone isn’t enough; with the introduction of “Inner Sense” in Indian market, every woman can wear lingerie that is organic, anti-odour & anti-microbial. Inner Sense-Maternity also resolves to provide fresh colors, prints & styles in super soft nursing bras to relieve moms from boring ones & celebrate motherhood with them. You can wear our incredible products all day long without any hint of discomfort or irritation. Recently company able to raise loan of INR 50 lakhs under CGTMSE scheme and got grant of INR 5 lakhs from Govt. of Gujarat startup scheme.


The company is engaged in the field of waste water treatment using very innovative technology – Phycoremediation with Micro Algae – developed by Dr. V Siva Subramanian who have about 35 years of experience in Micro Algae based Phycoremediation. The treatment of complex effluents has been undertaken to reduce the operating cost up to 90% with desired output. The technology is biological, Innovative, low operating cost, robust & green. Advantages of Phycoremediation are – Better reduction in COD, BOD, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Phosphates and heavy metals (Chromium, Arsenic, Nickel) compared to other conventional system, removes bad odor completely, Automatic pH Correction without addition of any chemical, does not allow Blue Green Algae, water hyacinth and duckweed to grow and dominate, removal of E coli and Total Coliform Carbon Negative Green Technology.


This start up is in welding robotics. They have been successful in roping in industrial giants like L & T as their client. They have also got an order from L D College of Engineering Ahmedabad for their newly coming Centre of Excellence in Welding. Keepsake is presently equipped with Six axis articulated arm robot to operate our Plasma transferred arc pulsed 350-amp power source, High velocity oxy-fuel systems, Arc spray systems and flame spray guns. We also have manipulators for down hand welding capability. Keepsake aim to employ this unique technology for life enhancement of wear prone parts belonging to various industries.


Hidaa has introduced High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder, an organic supplement ingredient that provides a vegetable source of vitamin D2 in the form of a 100% whole food mushroom powder. Many vitamin D supplements contain vitamin D3, which is sourced from lanolin, or sheep’s wool, and therefore are not suitable for those who live a vegan lifestyle. Edible fungi such as Agaricus bisporus, or the popular white button mushroom, are abundant in vitamin D. High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder provides vitamin D2 as well as viable levels of riboflavin, niacin, copper, beta-glucans, chitan-glucan, and is an excellent source of the antioxidant ergothioneine


Schemopedia is a technology enabled initiative to reduce the information asymmetry between government and citizens there by creating demand for government schemes and benefits. This will also help the government authorities by creating an additional medium to reach out to the masses and improve resource utilization. Karma Online Ventures has developed in-house web platform by using Code Igniter framework and an Android based Mobile App. In addition, the company has developed elastic search for driving the text search engine on web platform. Furthermore, for filter based user search, they have parameterized the entire schemes & database enabling need based search. Schemopedia aggregate the information about various government schemes from numerous sources. The Company has summarized two basic components of typical schemes i.e. Eligibility and nature of benefit into about 35-40 parameters which cover about 93% of all instances of schemes. This allows user high degree of maneuvering to give a high end guided search experience.


This startup developed innovative low cost, automatic seed drill for mini and custom-made tractors. Seed-drill can sow seed & fertilizer at the same time, which combined with innovative FEA optimized low weight assembly & easy to use design enables it to be driven with vehicles having lower horsepower. With specific colored rotors for a set of crops which makes it easy to use & helpful preventing misuse of expensive seeds.


The Company is solving problem of energy management by providing controlling and monitoring of appliance through IOT based devices for the people who suffer the energy loss. It manufactures I-Power monitor and controlling devices and Energy Meters and other embedded solutions for Local, Industrial and Commercial customers. They are providing solutions to Solar projects hostels, schools and colleges, local residential, apartments, hospitals, government and privet offices, industrial energy monitoring and controlling.


Naapbooks is a cloud based customize accounting application that provides automated process of accounting which gives accurate and secure accounting records. Innovative add‐ons such as Add Your Advisor, Click‐based User Role Assignment, Integrated Banking Feeds, Billing and Order Automation, POS Integration, Payment Reminders, Payment gateway Integration. The company has ensured that this SaaS based application is as easy to use for not just trained accountants but for anyone who knows basic data entry. NAAPBOOKS can be made available for both offline and online users and have ensured 3 layers of security to avoid any breach.


The vision for Call-a-Cuppa is to make this chat-over- chai concept a movement. With the perfect temperature to the right flavor, this tea will be delivered to your door step. With distinct flavors and complete hygiene standards maintained this tea will set a new trend. Call-a-Cuppa is planned to the ‘T’ from its dispensing mechanism to its audience; this mobile beverage system (MBS) will take the city by storm. From the local chaiwalla to the corporate offices this mobile tea will be made available to all. The entire outline & plan with the best in technology Call-a-Cuppa will be your own little Tea Party every day.


They are reliable and secure IoT integrator that helps you connect and manage manufacturing machines and processes in real time. They build products for machine monitoring, machine floor integration & energy and utility management.


Moments  provides a perfect wedding social platform for sharing your journey of togetherness with beautiful snippets in a Memory Lane and pampering yourself with the compliments and wishes of your beloved guests in a compiled Toastbook. The app adds an extra flavor to your amazing wedding by adding a digital touch.


This start up is the product in the offing is a “RAW FOOD DETOXIFIER” that can detoxify raw food articles contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers & other artificial enhancing agents. The device harnesses the combined energies of ultrasonic waves, ultra violet waves, current pulse & ozone which are beamed in a pre-determined & pre-calculated manner with specific frequency, wavelength & intensity to achieve effective detoxification & decontamination of raw food articles. The device eliminates undesirable toxins & contaminants from surface, sub-surface & permeable surface of raw edibles used for human or animal consumption. It provides an efficient, reliable and commercially viable decontamination & detoxification system without altering nutritional value, flavor, texture and color.  This technology has not yet entered the market even in developed nations. Once successful, Gujarat can claim credit for “developing” (and not just licensed manufacturing) a novel world class technology through “indigenous R& D” that can have positive impact on the health of billions of people.


This incubatee provides Decentralized Sewage Treatment Plant- waste water management system.
-It works from no load to peak load.
-Sludge handling required once in 3 years.
-There is no footprint as of underground system. Garden or Parking can be      done over the system.
-Less area as well as depth is required for plant, so less civil work is needed.
-There is no skilled supervision required. Normally gardener or watchman can   take care of the system.
-It consumes about 50% less electricity.
-There is no temperature fluctuation and no fungal growth. Hence efficiency of   BOD removal will be consistent throughout the year.
-There is low yearly maintain ace cost.
-Aesthetic appearance is very good. There is no nuisance of foul smell and flies as of underground.


Liv Naturals  offers cold pressed juices which are pure, fresh, healthy and 100% natural made of highest quality fruits and vegetable. These juices are free from chemicals, pasteurization, heat, additives sugar and preservatives. They are offering 100% hygienic quality juices with highest quality plant-based nutrition at door step.


This start up is an online event management and venue booking platform through which people can book venues and organize their events.

UNBOTTLE.ME is a online platform to get connected with professional counsellors. Have an issue in mind that needs to be talked about. The professional counselors are here to support you till you are independent.